Law Services - Kefalonia

Power of Attorney Services:

Using a Notary Public to draw up the documentation, we can arrange for a Power of Attorney to be formulated, in order for us to act and sign on your behalf to carry out specific actions associated with any of the above list of services. This is particularly useful during the conveyance and contract stages of purchasing a property in Kefalonia.

Real Estate conveyance & contract services:

We undertake all aspects of conveyancing associated with the buying/selling of property. We carry out all the necessary legal searches at the land registry, with regards to the title and ownership of property, and oversee the documentation required from the various govt. agencies, which go on to form part of the official contracts. We liaise closely with the Notary Public, and keep you informed at all stages during the buying/selling process.

Property Taxation services:

We are able to advise and assist with all aspects of property taxation, and compliance with the Greek taxation system, making sure you are professionally advised from the outset, so as to negate any problems that may occur later with regards to your property.

Liaison with Utility Companies:

Whether it is changing the ownership/name on a electricity or water meter, or merely paying bills, we can make arrangements in your absence to liaise with the relevant agency, including scheduled or one-off payments to be made on your behalf.

Company Law & Formation services:

We are able to advise on establishing a company here in Greece, including setting up commercial contracts and bank accounts in the company name, any documentation associated with the company, all in line with current Greek Legislation.

Family Law:

Should the need arise, we can act on your behalf to draw up special agreements between family members, such as multi-ownership of property or private agreements etc., again all in accordance with Greek Law.

Inheritance Law (wills etc):

We can arrange to draw up a Greek Will and can advise on wealth management, with a view to minimising your liability on any of your hard earned assets.

Immigration & Greek Citizenship Law:

Current legislation with regards to immigration in Greece and subsequent citizenship is changing quickly, due to the need for the country to attract various investment from outside the country, particularly from outside the EU. We can organise residency visas, permanent visas/citizenship or just visitor’s visas for you and your family and to act on your behalf with the Greek immigration services.

European Union Law:

The EU is a complex system, and as such, you need to be fully aware of any implications the relevant European legislation may have on any decision that may impact on you personally.

Labour Law:

Greek labour law is like any other country; in so much as it is specific to the country of legislation. If you wish to set up a business or work within Greece, it is a simple procedure and one which we can advise on fully, in order make sure you comply with current Greek Law, and benefit from professional advice to make the most of your choice of occupation.

Personal Injury Law:

Hopefully a service you will never need to use, but our expertise also covers professional & legal advice with regards to personal injury or 3rd party liabilities.

Financial Law:

With close co operation with a number of accountants and financial institutions, we are ideally placed to help you plan your finances, within the remit of Greek Law, and giving you professional guidance as and where necessary.